Nigeria Services


  1. To acquire or erect glass houses and any other premises for the promotion of speedy growth or crops, vegetable fruits or flowers and to sell the produce thereof by wholesale or retail.
  2. To carry on the business of the manufacture and sale by wholesale or retail of egg products, powdered milk and all other products of farm produce.
  3. To carry on business as company promoters, concentionaries, merchants, commission agents and brokers, and to carry on any of the business usually carried on by trading, packing, manufacturing, trust investment, loan, mortgage, agency companies and all kinds of business, commercial and trading operations, syndicate, participation, tender, purchase, exchange, or otherwise and to guarantee the subordinate thereof.
  4. To carry on the business of launderettes washing machines, drying machines and dry cleaning machines proprietors and dealers in and hirers of washing machines, drying machine, dry cleaning machines, bleaching equipment and ancillary plants and equipment of every description and also to carry on the business of cleaners, launderers, dry cleaners, carpet beaters and repairers of all articles sent for beating washing and cleaning.
  5. To acquire the right through licences and leases, to avail itself of petroleum substances, such as crude oil, natural gas, ozokerite, etc. and prospecting, drilling, pumping, piping, storing, refining, and selling, both at wholesale and retail, of the aforesaid, petroleum substances and refined petroleum products, the buying otherwise acquiring, selling, and otherwise disposing of any and all real estate and personal property for use in the business of the company, the construction of any and all buildings, required in carrying on the business of the company, and acting as trustees for holders of oil lands and the receiving and disbursement of funds to be used in drilling for the common benefit of the land holders, the doing of any and every act or thing, proper, necessary and incidental to the general purpose of this company.

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