About Us

Company Profile

To be a world-leading integrated international general trading company with the general business portfolio of an international business corporation and the characteristics of BAT national Petroleum  corporation.

OJULARI COMPANY is a private company own by a group of people (or members). It was founded in Nigeria in the year 2000 January 29th. The liability of the members is limited by shares.

Our Goal

To be the first class leading general trading company

Being committed to promoting the business progress and international cooperation, and developing and utilizing the business tools in a more efficient and environmentally-friendly way, we aim to achieve good and reliable operational performance with enhanced competitiveness and profitability by 2020 through strategic development initiatives, innovation, and an accelerated shift to a new development mode highlighting quality and efficiency.

Our Values

  • Dynamic, Loyalty, Honest, Committed
  • Achieving excellence through innovation and integrity

Our Strategy

  • Resources
  • Market
  • Internationalization
  • Innovation